A web design for the branding of the class portfolio site.

Web Design
Linda Sze To & Ngan Tran

Web Developer
Brandon Lai

Brand Assets
From the branding team of class of 2020.

Portrait & Photos Assets
From the class of 2020.

Timeiswhatyoumakeofit.usis a design portfolio website designed for the class of 2020 BFA Graphic Design Program at San José State University.

Concept Development
In the times of quarantine, time is reimagined for the graduating seniors of the class of 2020 BFA Graphic Design. In hopes to show our perseverance for design in a challenging time. We explored the theme of time through the memories spent in the two-year program of BFA, as well as our nerdy design world within the virtual and real-world reality. We also celebrate our pass work narrated through our interpretation of time.

To translate the message, our team decided to go for a simple, yet fun approach. Driven by the Swiss style of the brand, the experimentation of type is implemented to convey the flexibility of time. The use of photos, videos and colors are used as well to convey the fun and interchanging dynamics.

Portraits & names as menu bars instead.
We minimized the usage of typical menu bars. Instead, uses the name of our designers and their portraits as menu buttons.

Memory Page
We carried the idea of clock on type by using the clock as button triggers instead. Users can click on the clock to navigate to a separate page. The memory page uses a navy blue background instead, tying back to the theme of the motion graphic, which added visual contrast to the website.

Wireframes—Initial Stage
We experimented with the shapes of circle, and combined it with the idea of showing memories and work through time. We also used different weights of the font, Obviously, and placement of type in hopes to have type shine as the main element for the website. The use of a rounded edge is applied for the rounded look. To give a taste of the brand, the scroll indicator is designed like a clock.

We minimize the user flow on the site by using a pop-up screen design instead of separate pages. This is to provide a user-friendly experience as well as the feeling of at-home when browsing.

Wireframes—Final Stage
We consolidated the idea of showcasing memories for the site. Instead of the repetition of clocks, we decided to carry the clock on the type on the virtual show and memory sections. We also designed a separate page for the memory photos instead of pop-ups.