The Tiny Nudibranch—
A book design for the life of
the nudibranch.

Project Overview
This book introduces a new grid system that is based on the body structure of the nudibranch. The accordion fold simulates the movement and action of a nudibranch, slow and wavy. While the front of the book showcases information of the nudibranch, the back illustrates the habitat for the animal, which is a simulation of the shallow ocean.

The Tiny Nudibranch is an experimental book design that talks about the life of a nudibranch.

The nudibranch is a type of sea slug that has a jelly body. There are more than 2,000 known species, found in shallow and tropical water. They are usually oblong in shapes, can think or flattened, long or short, but very colorful and small. To introduce this unique animal, I decided to make a small accordion fold book full of simple, fun yet educational information about it. I divided the book into spread pages that cover different aspects of nudibranch, including its type, lifestyle and cycle, eating habits, and survival tactics. Through an illustrative visual and type, the interactive physical structure of the book, this book will give the viewer an experience of the life of a nudibranch.

An Interactive Book
This book is full of surprising and interactive elements. The book is structured with an accordion fold, in which viewers have the option to flip through pages or expand the book to see the overall design. The spread pages are meant to be various in design layouts, with some pages being loud and overwhelming while others are quiet and poetic. On the back of the book, viewers are prompted to participate in an interactive game where they are simulated to experience a camouflage habitat, by spotting small nudibranch in visually similar pages.