Elijah Allen
Brittney Garcia
Marc Montenegro
Victoria Pantoja
Linda Sze To

My Role
Map & Big Interactive Kiosk Design

Brand Assets
Logo made by Marc Montenegro

The digital map and way finding design is for visitors to explore San José interactively on screen.

The Brand
So San José is a way finding system for the city of San José. It includes a series of application branched off from the branding. The interactive screen is a digital display installed in kiosk stations for visitors to explore and experience San José at a different light.

Home Screen
Starting from the deepest level of the interactive map, users can explore the downtown area of San José.

Pin Locations
Users can pin their locations while exploring, purchase tickets and look through attractions using the map and the search function.

Explore So San José
Users can select multiple pin locations simultaneously, and find out routing information. The kiosk can be pared with the So San José app for users to further explore the city.

Icon Filter
When users click on a certain icon, the map will filter out un-relatable information. Lists of locations will be shown on the sidebar for viewers to reference. Users can click the split tab icons to view multiple icons at the same time.

Map Direction
Users can get directions to locations around downtown area by clicking the icons. Options include walking, taking bus and biking.

Purchase Ticket
Users can purchase ticket from the kiosk through the interactive screen and the vendor machine installed on the kiosk.

Bus Information
Users can get bus schedules through the kiosk.

Users can explore popular sites in San José and interact with postcard making through the interactive screen.

Interactive Prototype
Featured with voice recognition as well as sound. This interactive screen can bring liveliness to the visitors of San José who wish to explore San José through the kiosk.