In my spare time, I explore type & illustration.

Gong Hey Fat Choy!

Lunar new year phrase for "Happy New Year". Type inspired by the look and feel of traditional decoration, "Fai Chun".

Type for the song, "Uknowdat"

Simply hand drawn type and the singer. :)
Image reference by Kiri T.


I am a {wip}.

The Moon Reflection

Looking upon the full moon sky, have you ever realized the beauty in the reflections from the moon? It follows you wherever you go, showing the shadow of yourself.

If type is on a basketball court.

Type grid system based on a basketball court. Explored motion graphic with shapes and lines forming movement; spells the word, basketball.

My visual map journey.

Going on a Europe trip and bouncing off countries to countries is like a road map to me. The sense of direction is strong through the weather and time change. With each country I visited, there were iconic areas that left an impression, as well as the road sign that guided me to different directions.

Photo Collage

Based on some of the photos I captured, I made collage spreads to document my travel experience in Europe.