A mobile app that allows users to donate, fundraise, and stay connected.

Research Questions
1. What do users need to identify and prioritize their values and interests?
2. How will users be able to input their values, and what happens when they do?
3. What are the primary user actions?
4. How will the app reward users and keep users engage?

Oxfam America Creative Jam
3 Days
Adobe XD & Miro
UX Research, Wireframe & UI design
Linda Sze To, Ngan Tran & Valerie Truong
Logo Design & Interactive Prototype
Linda Sze To

By creating an app that turns fundraising into an easy, fun, and social activity. Users are encouraged to donate and stay connected.

Say hi to Ness!

Our inspiration starts when we reflect on our values. Words like kindness, fairness, and goodness motivate us to do good. Ness turns those thoughts into actions by providing a space for people to exchange, communicate, and expand a cause beyond their niche. 

The name derives from the suffix "-ness" meaning "the state or quality of being". Throughout our lives, we embrace old and new values as we search for what's important in our current state of being. Our values influence the way we live and work. Once we take initiative on our values, we see how it affects on a greater scale. 

Not everyone has the means to immediately donate; therefore, Ness initiates a solution. Like a piggy bank, the app collects spare change from everyday purchases and saves it. Ness believes anyone can make a difference, whether you are an organization or a neighbor, the app makes it easy for anyone to start a fundraiser! Moreover, Ness allows users to engage with like-minded people by providing space for volunteer events and community interaction.

Share your values to Ness and it will match you with organizations and campaigns that best fit. Let’s do some good with Ness!

Competitive Analysis

Easy access.
Clear information about the campaign. Transactions are not available on the app.

Clear and clean UI.
Includes an activity page for users.

Includes a volunteer page where users can maintain active in the organizations.

Allows users to create teams and keep track of organizations.
A stories tab that allows users to post stories.

Design IdeationPrimary Functions
1. Reimagine fundraising app as socially interactive, something as fun and purposeful as online dating by including activity logs.
2. Help users save changes from the bank to donate by collecting change from their personal bank account.
3. Keep users engaged on causes beyond money donation, such as social events.
4. User profile is personalized, based on their interest with hashtags and activities.

User Persona
User 1: Fundraiser—
This group of users want to fundraise for causes. They also want to start events and meetups through the app.

User 2: Donator—
This group of users want to make donation from the app, and stay engage with their cause within the app.

Information Architecture


Low-fidelity Wireframes

User Scenarios

Users are introduced with the concept of Ness, find community, stay connected and make a difference. Users create an account and log in.

Users explore campaigns through filtered and personalized categories. The app also provide recommendations. Users can make donation on the app.

Users can start their own fundraising campaigns and manage their campaigns.

Users can see community activities and join events such as social, fundraising and volunteer events online or in person through the app.

Users can access their dashboard and receive updates on the donations they followed and keep track of the activities they bookmarked.

Users can check the donations on the profile tab. Users can also link the account to their bank for the app to collect spare changes for donation.


Next Steps
So far, the general user flow of the app is configured. The next steps include adding concise screens that showcase the functions of each tabs. In addition, icons/simple illustrations are to be added to enhance the friendly look of the app. The use of saved change from a linked back account will be introduced during the onboarding process to users.