A brand design for a type of alcohol drink.

The Brand
鬥陣 means together in Taiwanese, which shares the same meaning as “Hoolaboo”. Hoolaboo as a brand represents togetherness and the urge to fight through hardships together with friends and family.

Hoolaboo is a cocktail mixed with beer and additional flavors discovered in street night market. It is an alcoholic drink for friends and family gatherings.

The Logo
The world mark is inspired by the use of circles, like the character, Hoolaboo. The roundness of the typeface gives a contrast to the outline and angled characteristic with the Chinese title 鬥陣. The different height of the horizontal stroke in letter H and 0 makes the word mark dynamic. It also complements the Chinese characters.

The sharp angle shape of the typeface carries the tradition of old Chinese character, yet keeping a modern look with the geometric and straightness of the type. The experimental proportion per radical breaks the traditional feel of the Chinese character and brings a rounded and playful character.

Komu A is used as a supporting typeface on the bottle in order to give a visual contrast to the custom logo.

The color palette is based on the color of the alcohol drink. There are three flavors, original flavor, winter melon, and passion fruit. Yellow for original, green for winter melon and purple for passion fruit. All of these cocktail drinks are suitable for the summer season.

The bottle will be made out of pottery, which is made of natural mineral clay buried underground. It is hard in texture, delicate in roughness, simple and pure in off white color. Clay is a natural and sustainable material that requires little process.

The Cap
The cap will be made out of starch-based bioplastics. It is a simple bioplastic derived from corn starch. It is a renewable organic material and gives ecological advantages that can help reduce pollution of the natural ecosystems and shrink our energy footprint.

Beverage Design—Street Alcohol
The fillet wine cocktail mixed with beer will be targeted to young millennials who likes the vibe of gatherings and festivals. This cocktail is originally discovered from the street market in Taiwan. With this packaged beverage, people from around the world can now taste the vibe of the night market.

Super Graphics—Street Vibe
The illustration and logo can be applied indoor and outdoor for advertising.