History San José
A web design for the historical site, online exhibits & archives of History San José.

History San Jose

Clarify visitors' navigation to the 3 focused entities—site attraction, online archives & educational workshops. Improve site flows between internal & external links for archives, shops, photo galleries, and event registration.

Web Team
Linda Sze To
Elijah Allen
Diane Hong

My Role
Conceptualized the rebrand & logo of History San José. Led the redesign of the website, information architecture, user flow, and high fidelity mockup using Webflow.

The History San José website directs site visitation, online archives & educational workshops to promote the cultural heritage of Silicon Valley.

Business Goals
History San José preserves and enriches the cultural heritage of San José and the Santa Clara Valley through historical sites, research collections, and educational programs.

Website Requirements
1. Showcase 3 main business offers
2. Increase visitor engagement with online presence & updates
3. Deliver & inform onsite archives & online resources through the website

1. Site visitors looking to visit the historical park & house of San José
2. Educators or parents looking to bring a group of children for educational workshops
3. Artists & localists looking for historical items or photographic record of Silicon Valley

1. Rebrand of the logo and visual system
2. Wayfinding system onsite
3. Streamline the usage of the website, redesign of information architecture, and visual look & feel

Created a short sprint process. Coordinated the production of image assets. Communicated with stakeholders monthly. Designed low & high fidelity web layout over the course of 6 months.

Business site visit, design audit, competitive analysis, stake holder interviews
Requirements, user flows, information architecture
Sketches, wireframe & user testing
High fidelity compositions & breakpoint design using Webflow
Interaction design & workable prototypes
Intuitive technology handoff through Webflow &  PDF style guides

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Takeaways & Next Steps
The engineer is currently implementing the redesign from the Webflow mockup to the actual site. Due to COVID, the production is put on hold. In the future, we hope to communicate with the engineer on technical features such as the online reservation, blog, and navigations between external sites.

The implementation of the 3 distinct entities branding on the website helped clarify and streamlined business goals. Visitors were able to make sense of the organizations more.