A space and exhibition design for the topic of vulnerability.

Research Questions
1. What are your drives for creativity?
2. How do we coexist with vulnerability?
3. What makes creatives vulnerable?

Connie Hwang
SJSU, Graphic Design Professor
Primary Advisor

Diane Lee
SJSU, Graphic Design Professor
Secondary Advisor

Steve Fadden
Google, Lead UX Researcher
UC Berkeley, Lecturer
Tertiary Advisor

Hatch is a safe space for young creatives to share vulnerability. It establish an understanding of vulnerability through the lens of the animal shells, where it takes place and how to tackle it with intention and strength.

Understand Vulnerability through the motif of shells.
Vulnerability inside our minds.
The eggshell is small, fragile, and vulnerable yet full of potentials. It protects the chick during the developmental stage. However, the chick eventually needs to hatch from the shell to reach its full potential as an animal. Our creative process hatches from that moment.

Hermit crab shell—Share!
Vulnerability when we are with people.
A hermit crab does not have a shell of its own. It relies on borrowing other shells to survive. Such a vulnerable innate disadvantage does not stop the crab. Instead, it learned to form a symbiotic relationship with the sea anemone and form a co-beneficial survival tactic.

Turtle shell—Endure!
Vulnerability thoughts when we undergo situations.
The shell of a turtle is durable and can protect the turtle from predators. Although a turtle might be commonly seen as weak and timid because it tends to hide inside when in danger. A well-known children story, “The Rabbit and Turtle” portray an inspirational message for those of us who think our strengths are not enough to face obstacles. The perseverance and grit of the turtle remind us that the outside perception does not always dictate the outcome.

Research Findings—
Let the Words Form Relationships

Vulnerability exists in three main environments, in our mind, with people and situational or environmental. The journey of vulnerability in young creatives includes stages when it is first identified in physical or mental space, then oftentimes it is reacted with negative thoughts or actions. Creatives go through a healing process with activities or supportive surroundings. The turning point involves positive mindsets or actions, which will lead to strength and growth.

Learn from the Stages of Vulnerability
To find out the journey of vulnerability. I took the same collection of words and reorganize them into commonality without any preconceived categories. I then developed new categories of the key words that share the same function, and that was when I discovered the stages that ones go through.

1. habitats of vulnerability
2. places
3. negativity
4. healing process
5. supporter
6. positive mindset
7. positive action
8. birthplce of strength

The Brand
To guide young creatives’ journey with vulnerability, “hatch” is a space created for vulnerability to be embraced, practiced and vocalized. Symbolized through the lens of shells, young creatives are encouraged to hatch from their shell and grapple with the uncomfortable thoughts and actions.

Target Audience
Young creatives

Tone of Voice
Honest, authentic & sincere

Oaks Grotesk
To covey an authentic tone, Oaks Grotesk delivers a trustworthy identity with its legible and friendly look.

Type Treatment
The letters is cut from the top and the bottom. Dash and solid outline is used to convey the feeling of uncertainty of vulnerability.

The wordmark is cut from the top and the bottom to convey the message of rising.

The palette is initiated by the color of an egg. The color palette is divided into different categories, such as the three situations that the space will display through the building.

Patterns going in and out to signify the movement of vulnerability on three stages.

Salesforce Transit Hub is a place connected with the Salesforce Park and muni bus stops, it is meant to be a communal chill spot. The place is still growing in terms of traffic flow. With Hatch installed, the place will become the young creative hub.


The pop up space has three floors, visitors enter from the top floor, which connects to the Salesforce Park. Visitors can use the elevator or stairs to navigate through floors.

Visitor Journey—
From Abstraction to Personal Intimacy
Vulnerability can be universal, but it is at the core, personal. Starting with abstracted motifs and environmental clues that resembles vulnerability. The space first introduced the topic of vulnerability through the lens of “within ourselves”, “with people” and “under situations”. It then invites the visitors to interact and make connection with others with vulnerability in mind and a creative identity. In the last part of the space, visitors are to reflect on their own.

Floor 3—Park Level
Understand Vulnerability
Understand vulnerability through the functions of shells. This floor complements the outdoor or park theme with the Salesforce park. Allowing visitors to ease into the topic by having a playful structures like swinging chairs and paper cup phones.

Floor 2—Bus Level
Share Vulnerability
Discover and share vulnerability in the community. This floor is provided for creatives to gather and collaborate. It allows visitors to use the space to work and socialize. It provides a workshop space. It also has three interactive video display rooms that introduce vulnerable actions.

Floor 1—Hidden Level
Reflect On Vulnerability
This floor encourages visitors to reflect on their vulnerability. Mimic by the feel of the library. It provides a quiet and peaceful place for visitors to stay and think. It has 6 digital book display that reveals the survey results of young creatives' sharing of their vulnerabilities. The final section of the exhibition is to have visitors store their thoughts inside the cone.

3D Model
The model of the building and interior space is designed on Fusion 360. Check out the prototype video for detailed design.

Click through my progress here: