A mobile app that helps monitor skincare
routine and inform product ingredients.

Research Questions
Have you ever look more into the ingredients inside the products you use?
Are you committed to a skincare routine?
Do you know if the products you use are the best deals and options for you?

Halo is an app that cultivates a healthy skincare routine by informing the users about product ingredients, price range, and skincare tips.

Problem Statement
Most people rely on advertisements and popular trends to purchase products, instead of basing their decision off of individual skincare type. Customers lack basic skincare knowledge and rely on branding names.

The primary goal of Halo is to:
1. Provide a platform for users to explore ingredients in skincare products
2. Compare and contrast the ingredients and prices of skincare products
3. Help users maintain a healthy skincare routine

Research Insights

User Pain Points
1. Difficulty looking for skincare products that are tailored to their skin.
2. Difficulty understanding the ingredients of skincare products and what it does, don’t have the time to research, or scientific language is too difficult to understand.
3. Don’t have a unified place where they can look for skincare reviews, rely mostly on websites, blogs, Instagram, celebrities, and Youtubers.
5. Don’t have an intuitive way to keep track of skincare routines and skin

Competitive Analysis
Existing skincare apps are not centralized and tailored for skincare routines and ingredients. The apps on the markets mostly focus on selling instead of informing users on cosmetic products.

User Personas

User Journey

Information Architecture

To convey a modern and friendly look of the mobile app, typeface Sofia Pro is used on the design.

The color scheme is primarily green with hints of yellow, blue, and pink. Supporting colors include blue, gray and white.


User Scenarios

Sign Up
Users sign up to their own accounts and fill out basic information about their skincare routine.

Skin Care Profile
Users can update personal skin care profile, add skin care routine and products used on their schedule page on the app.

Skin Care Tips
Users can browse through tips for skincare issues and get information through texts and videos online.

Easy Scan
Users can easily scan in the product and find out about information instead of going through the search process by typing information.

Users can browse through products and ingredient to see information.

Price Comparison
Users scan find out and compare the price of all the skin care products in the market, therefore make purchase wisely.

Final Prototype


Halo is an easy to use mobile application for everyone who wishes to take care of their skin, learn more about skincare ingredients, interact with people who care about skincare, as well as knowing the best prices for skincare products. Upon research, there are not many all in one platform where users can achieve these goals, which is why this app will solve the issues of scattered and uncentralized skincare information. This app will combine all the useful information and features available on the internet and the market, and deliver through an effective and simple application.

So far, I have achieved the ingredient, skincare routine, price comparison, and skincare ingredient page. In the future, I aim to work on the price comparison page where the app provides infographics or visually appealing graphical elements that compares the prices and ingredients of all existing products (filtered by product categories), to provide users with the most engaging and simple information.